Innovation starts with people


Francesco Castellano
Founder & CEO

Francesco has 15 years of experience in research, finance, consulting, and business management. During this time, he has been engaged on 20+ projects as a consultant at Bain & Company, launched Uber operations in Turin, and worked in the FP&A department at General Electric. Lately, he has founded Tondo, a non-profit organisation focusing on Circular Economy, and TondoLAB.

Shyaam Ramkumar
Circular Innovation Expert

Shyaam is a PhD Candidate in Economic Sociology at the University of Milan researching the development of circular innovation from a sociological perspective. Shyaam has previously worked as the Knowledge and Innovation Manager at Circle Economy in Amsterdam, has interned with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and was a sustainability consultant with Accenture's Chicago office. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Masters’s degree in Industrial Ecology from the Norwegian University.

Annalisa Moro
Sustainability Consultant

Annalisa has a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and international cooperation and a second one in EU Project management. After her studies at Sorbonne in Paris, she decided to focus on climate change and adaptation. She participated in the EIT-Climate KIC’s Pioneers into practice in 2019 and she worked with Circular Berlin on circularity. That experience led her to enter Tondo, by focusing her passion and interest into the food sector and the urban regeneration through the link between urban and peri-urban areas. She works as project manager on innovation and sustainability in the agro-food system.

Katsiaryna Serada
Research Fellow&Policy Analyst

Katsiaryna is a part of our research team. She graduated in Law, LLM in Sustainable Development – Curriculum in Economics, Finance, Trade, Investment and Competition". Her research interests include public-private partnerships for the circular economy, supportive policies for innovative and sustainable supply chains, innovation policies and new technologies to serve cost-effective transition to a sustainable economy.

Francesco Fumarola
Digital & Partnership Expert

Francesco is a Sales Director in digital communication, adv and content industry. The goal is creating the most powerful connections to reach resources in terms of founds, industrial and intellectual properties partners, marketing and communication tools in order to drive the right and necessary evolution.

Alberto Monti
Head of Research

Alberto holds a PhD in Business Administration and works as Adjunct Professor in different Institutions such as Bocconi University, IESEG, and Cattolica University. Before joining academia, Alberto co-managed his family’s business, planning and implementing a generational change after a discontinuity crisis.

Stefano Peroncini
Venture Capital & Start-up Expert

Stefano is a company builder with extensive experience in venture capital, funds management and startup creation. He promoted and managed venture capital funds up to 150Ml€ in Italy and abroad, established companies and created successful businesses from scratch up to scaleup with huge exits. He is now the founder and CEO of EUREKA! Venture SGR, an Italian Independent Alternative Investment Fund Manager Investing in technology transfer and deeptech startups.

Enrico Maggiore
Innovation & Development Expert

Enrico is an expert in business innovation and economic development. Over the years, he has re-launched many companies and fostered co-operation between public and private sectors. Entrepreneur and manager, he founded two consulting firms. Advisor to Companies, Public Administrations, and International Institutions for Development.

Fabrizio Guarrasi
Strategic & Innovation Designer

After several working experience as designer in London and in Japan, Fabrizio hold his Master Degree with honour at Politecnico di Milano. His personal interests led him to collaborate in the writing of the book "Design per la sostenibilità ambientale", the participation as member of MDA - Mediterranean Design Association and, in parallel, he is working on his startup project that aim to produce a bioplastic from organic waste.

Maurizio Mondellini
Innovation Advisor

Maurizio gained his management competence thanks to several non-conventional experiences in different industries: real state – renewable energies - sustainable logistics and supply chain. His main experience is 10 year in real estate business where he had the opportunity to contribute along all the chain of value: more than 40 new development projects with special focus on sales management and business development. Maurizio since 2014 is also part of InnoVits a startups and new ventures accelerator based in Milano. He had the opportunities to evaluate 500+ projects - fostering the grow of 30+ startups. Passionate about: innovation, change management, interior design and circular economy.

Andrea Barberis
Sustainability Consultant

Andrea is passionate about accelerating system change towards a circular economy by speeding up startups and new technologies. With a Bachelor of Science in international business and a Master’s degree in social enterprise, Andrea combines business analysis, project management and impact measurement skills to support strategic growth and impact investment. His work experience includes working in impact-driven startups, a sustainable food startup accelerator and working in M&A for renewable energy.

Patrizia Re
Communication & Sustainabl Fashion Advisor

20+ years experience in marketing and communication, both locally and at international level. With a degree in Communications and a Master in Digital Marketing, in her career Patrizia has worked for both established brands and small scale/start-up companies developing and executing marcomms strategies as well as devising and launching new products and services. Driven by innate curiosity and a sheer interest in the pursuit of finding her "next big thing", she has invested all her spare time in the last 10 years to study the fashion industry, investigating sustainable and animal-free practices with the aim to launch her brand.

Francesca Milani
Sportswear Expert

Francesca holds a master degree in business administration. Her career in multinational started in Luxottica and she later moved to Dubai for Puma. She has managed products and distribution strategies across Middle East and East Africa. Francesca is also a member of the Board of Directors. Strongly passionate about the wellness industry (from food to garments) she hopes to contribute to find ways to make it More sustainable.

Alessandro Innocenti
Circular Energy Associate

Alessandro is a Master of Science student in Energy Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. He is working on a thesis about the circular economy of electric vehicles batteries. Thanks to his studies, he has a strong technical perspective on the themes of sustainability and renewable energies.

Letizia Ingaldo
Sustainability Specialist

Letizia is passionate about sustainability-driven innovation businesses and she believes they are essential to a strong market environment and an enduring society. With a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration and a MSc in Environmental and Food Economics, Letizia combines a strong business education with accurate knowledge of environmental concepts. In Tondo, she coordinates events, webinars and all the communication activities, and she supervises the research projects.

Toby Sacchi
Advisor, Financial Expert

Toby started his career in finance, first in the investment banking division at Barclays in London, then briefly at a growth equity fund. After completing his MBA from the Wharton Business School, he launched an e-commerce startup in Mexico with a classmate, eventually selling it to their largest competitor. He now is the founder and Managing Partner of CS Investimenti, a search fund looking to acquire and manage a SME enterprise in Italy. He has an undergrad degree in Economic History from the LSE.

Francesca Sassoli
Communication Expert

Francesca has twenty years of experience as professional broadcaster on Radio and TV, she has reported and commented about different subjects such as environment, visual arts and cinema. She produced and edited "Green Time", a radio program on environmental sustainability. She co-founded “Ortinconca”, a no profit organisation for the metropolitan and countryside safeguard of rare seeds.

Monica Castellano
Mobility Expert

Monica is an engineer with 20+ years of experience in supply chain management, IT, consulting and project management. She has started her career in Italy at IBM, she moved, then, in Germany to Nestle Center Europe and lately in the Supply Chain organisation of Continental Automotive working on Innovation and Industry 4.0 topics. Monica is passionate about Innovation, New Technologies and Sustainability.

Ricieri Vidal Marchi
Sustainable Development Associate

Ricieri is a Brazilian-Italian lawyer, passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business. He holds a Master degree on Law and Sustainable Development and has worked in a leading global law firm and green start-ups in Europe and Latin America.

Gianfranco Goeta
Advisor, Organisation and Leadership Expert

Gianfranco started his career in the HR department of Olivetti, followed by an entrepreneurial engagement as founding partner of three management consulting firms and at the same time having a teaching assignment of Organisational Behaviour at the Bocconi University and at SDA. As an Executive couch he enhanced the behavioural effectiveness of more than 400 executives, entrepreneurs and managers.


We believe that complex problems are best solved collaboratively
We embrace risk and failure. The fear of failing is the enemy of innovation
We build a can-do attitude as the base for an entrepreneurial environment
We sustain continuous learning, curiosity and diversity
We think that creativity is the higher expression of a human being


We are always looking for bright and interesting people to work or collaborate with, please if you are interested write to info@tondo.tech