Accelerate growth with curated sales matching with corporations

Sales Matching

TondoLABaccelerates the growth of start-ups and SMEs by matching them with corporations seeking transformative clean technologies. We follow the entire process from the identification of an opportunity to the closing of the collaboration.

In the sales matching process, Tondo helps maximise the impact of the go-to-market strategy by improving the value proposition and developing actionable sales plans.

The sales matching activity covers the whole process, starting from the definition of a pricing model and value proposition, to the creation of a powerful sales pitch, and the identification of the most interesting target clients.

We leverage our direct network and our partners and advisors to directly reach the most interesting customers, working together to activate possible collaborations, by opening doors or directly pitching the solutions offered.

Main areas

We are always looking for interesting technologies and start-ups, if you are interested in becoming part of the network, please apply.

TondoLABlooks for game-changing start-ups with confirmed market traction to set-up value-creating collaborations.

Do you operate a B2B business model in the energy, construction, mobility or food industry? Do you work in one of our focus domains? Have you already raised a seed/series A investment round? Have you launched your product and already won a few customers?

Then you found your match! Please complete our application form and let us learn more about you.

Venture Capital

TondoLABaccelerates start-ups and SMEs growth through facilitating access to equity capital thanks to its network of venture capital firms and family offices.

TondoLABdevelops an in-depth analysis and a pre-screening to identify potentially interested venture capital firms, family offices or other institutional investors that could sustain the growth of the company.

We provide advice or directly support the improvement of the documentation to maximize, simplify and streamline the process of funds acquisition.

Design & Brand Identity

TondoLABsupports the redesign of the brand identity, thanks to its partnership with Smallfish, a creative agency operating in Milan.